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Heather’s CORE Workshop was a great opportunity for our office and offered solid, useful tools that can be utilized both inside and outside of the office.  I appreciated the course was tailored to the specific needs of our group and we were able to work through pertinent issues throughout the day. Heather guides participants by helping them ask themselves the right questions; offering self-accountability and self-empowerment.  With the infusion of yoga and breathing technique this workshop was a true retreat.  Our staff left feeling rejuvenated and eager to apply our new tools.  This workshop was effective, insightful and fulfilling.  I recommend it to any office group looking for a fresh approach to office stagnation.

Administrative Office of the Courts, Santa Fe NM

I worked with Heather in order to clarify on my career goals.  Through the process she was able to identify the key source of inspiration for each path, and recognize a key pattern in my career over a 20 year span.  All of this in a one hour phone call!   Through this conversation and my subsequent homework of meditation and journaling, I found peace and began to move forward on my path with great confidence and clarity.  Heather has an amazing gift to decipher core motivations through pointed questions and intuitive listening.  Thank you, Heather!

Katie Macaulay, Santa Fe NM

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“Engaging with Heather has been an incredibly empowering experience. She has been able to cut through the detritus of years of habits and thoughts to reach the core elements that have slowed me down. Having Heather as an ‘Accountability Partner’ has taken me from the common realm of knowing what I need to do, but not doing it – to actually practicing, doing homework and breaking through. By having a practical framework and a compassionate partner I have gone from feeling overwhelmed with both the volume and depth of decisions that I need to make to being excited about the path and possibilities in front of me. I highly recommend Heather Robertson to any change agents or individuals who may feel stuck or impatient with their current path.”

Kris Holstrom
Non-profit Co-founder, Director and Organic Farmer



Professional coaching is a life-changing multi-facetted approach to recalibrating the actions in your life so that you may experience your natural state of being in the world.  My coaching is about delivering you to an unwavering experience of joy in your work, excitement about your life, focus with your next steps personally and professionally.

When you work with me you are involved in an ongoing partnership and have a unique opportunity to deepen awareness and mindfulness, improve performance, overcome reluctance, and enhance quality of focus to name a few.

My passion is to bring about awareness of your potential that you may or may not see and assist you to identify, integrate and move into action.  As a coach and yoga instructor I use questioning, exploring, breathing techniques and writing techniques to map out existing systems and pathways to show the interconnectedness of actions and outcomes. It is often we believe we have focus when in fact we do not.

Great coaching, whether we label it business coaching, executive coaching, or personal coaching, all boils down to one thing: how we choose to respond to life in every moment determines our future! The potential benefits of coaching are so numerous and so highly individual, I couldn’t possibly list them all – however I have listed a few as they relate to our coaching focus; Opportunity to Stretch, Motivate, and Integrate.  This is how we create results with a healthy mind and body.


Stretch to:

  • create a strong flow of focus within your present mosaic of life
  • become fearless and limitless thru celebrating where you are now and recognize what you’ve got now is everything you need to pave the way ahead
  • understand, create and maintain healthy boundaries


Motivate to:

  • locate your discomfort.  Discomfort is a signaling system that say’s “hello – let’s move and evolve!”
  • develop and implement organizational skills that will enhance the natural flow in your life
  • make a decision when faced with overwhelming amounts of choice.


Integrate to:

  • celebrate where you are now
  • be effective and impactful
  • understand the purpose of synergistic relationship between all the facets of your life

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I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with Heather. I came into our coaching relationship hoping to focus on a couple key areas of my small creative business. She opened my eyes to what was not only important for my business but for the well-being of myself and my employees. SO very important to a successful business and life! I often hear her words in my thoughts and go back to the tools she has taught me when working out roadblocks or tackling new endeavors. Heathers thoughtful “homework” created an invaluable dialog for me and my employee that has build a strong foundation for us to grow. I would never have thought to do any of this important work on my own and can’t thank her enough for not only her attention to my business needs but the people that make it all happen.

Brea McDonald, Owner Brea McDonald Photography


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This is a full-day of personalized coaching work together. You choose the content, the goals, and the configuration.

Here is an opportunity to be 100% focused for an entire day with Heather.

Imagine an all-inclusive experience without interruption, laughter thrown into the mix, a clearly defined plan (including room for the unexpected, of course), and complete concentration upon what it is you want to create, clarify, develop, or fine-tune. Ultimately, this is a personal retreat or business retreat.

Together the client and Heather will create an effective, enjoyable, quality, results-oriented day that will leave you with a clear strategy for moving forward.

Why commit to “All-in”?

 • Customized one-on-one
 • Condensed material at your own pace
 • Greater momentum
 • Retreat style experience
 • Highly focused day without interruption
 • Skills gained quickly with a mindful approach
 • A yoga session incorporated into your day as a way of integrating a day loaded with analyzing, information and making decisions. This yoga session is optional, however highly recommended.

What can be accomplished?

 • Define a strategic plan for initiating change and progress.
 • Gain an understanding about the importance for holding yourself accountable to make progress.
 • Gain momentum on an idea or concept you would like to develop more fully.
 • Discover what is holding you back from embracing your potential.

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Heather’s training and compassion were reflected in how she was able to get to the heart of the matter and discern the questions we needed to address and in how she was able to elicit deep-felt responses from me as we proceeded through the day. Having an entire day together was a critical part of the success of this coaching.

Heather’s flexibility and deep knowledge of her field meant that each part of the day built on previous work. It also ensured that all the necessary areas were addressed before moving on. I was sorely tired of having a series of difficult decisions swirling around in my head day and night with little progress towards a conclusion. The All-in session with Heather gave me confidence that I could make informed, knowledgeable, well-considered and heartfelt decisions moving forward. It also gave me skills that I know I will use frequently as new challenges arise.

Executive Director
Telluride, Colorado



Custom Office Retreat Experiences (CORE™) are specialized, custom, and private nourishing retreats for individual employees or your team of support.  Private retreats give you the freedom and flexibility to engage and reflect on your timeframe with focus on the skills you choose to develop, experience and learn.  This is an opportunity to build upon existing skills or discover new ones paired with movement and enjoyment. The forging of a custom/private experience is a bridge for meeting your interests, motivations and training needs.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, group, non-profit organization, state agency, or private corporation these custom/private retreats are beneficial to you and your staff.

My clientele’s top areas of employe focus are:

      • Energy Management
      • Management of resources
      • Greater focus and clarity of goals both personally and professionally
      • Learning how to say “No” to be more effective and impactful
      • Understanding the value in collaboration
      • Self-Renewal and Stress Finesse
      • Yoga Instruction

Gains for individual employees and/or teams:

      • Relaxed state of mind – tools to decompress
      • Clarity with decision-making and the power that lives in choice
      • How understanding choice can improve productivity, quality of work, relationships, and greater capacity for  joy in the work place
      • Learn strong processes for follow-through both personally and professionally
      • Stronger ability for focus, strategic planning, and vision

What CORE participants are saying:

The materials are easy to understand.  Heather made us feel at ease which created a safe environment that we could freely speak and at the same time have fun!

This was great!  An eye-opener for me.

I really enjoyed the workshop.  Thinking about the health of my body in relation to my work is not something I usually do.  This has opened a new thought process.

This retreat is very calming and provokes thought on self-care and the importance of taking care of oneself in order to be more valuable and productive overall!

Heather’s Life/Work Rhythm Workshop was a great opportunity for our office.  This CORE workshop offered solid, useful tools that can be utilized both inside and outside of the office.  I appreciated that the course was tailored to the specific needs of our group and we were able to work through pertinent issues throughout the day. Heather guides participants by helping them ask themselves the right questions; offering self-accountability and self-empowerment.  With the infusion of yoga and breathing technique this workshop was a true retreat.  Our staff left feeling rejuvenated and eager to apply our new tools.  This workshop was effective, insightful and fulfilling.  I recommend it to any office group looking for a fresh approach to office stagnation.

Administrative Office of the Courts, Santa Fe NM


Pricing Structure for CORE™
Custom retreats often require more preparation with regard to planning, set-up, supplies, materials, travel, communication, and schedule. Due to this please read the cancelation and refund policy for the “reservation” fee and non-refundable processing fee.

COREhas a base fee up to ten (10) participants. If the group is over ten (10) participants there is an additional per-person fee. Of course, the more participants you have increases the participant to facilitator ratio, limiting the one-on-one instruction.  The price of CORE is based upon variables and materials needed. Please call Heather directly to discuss pricing and further details.  A few questions to consider when planning for CORE™:

  • We can travel. In what region of the US or abroad do you want to retreat?
  • We can do 1-day to 5-day retreats. How long do you want the retreat to last?
  • CORE can happen anytime. What time of year are you considering?
  • There are many skills to learn with us.  What skills are you looking to gain from CORE?
  • It is important for us to know why you would like to pursue a this retreat.  Briefly describe your purpose.  (This is an important decision, as it affects the substance of the retreat and the way it will be designed and taught.)

For further details please contact Heather directly.

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I am a seasoned yoga practitioner with almost two decades of teaching experience.  My focus is the mind body connection and the potential it holds in creating our lives from the simple to the complex.  I am no novice when it comes to digging in and going for what I see and feel as the next step. When you practice with me you are diving into a blend of discipline, commitment, and the jewels of follow-through paired with smiles and laughter and a greater sense of resiliency. I will offer you the tools to keep your engine strong and rich with a light-hearted approach!

I am a student of the of the Satyananda Saraswati lineage through the Bihar School of Yoga  located in the Mungar Province of India.  What this means is my contemporary form of yoga is infused with the awareness that we are both engaged with our modern livelihood personally and professionally and inherently hold more potential than we can imagine to live with the equilibrium of both.  All my primary yoga trainings have taken place through 7 Centers Yoga Arts located in Sedona, Arizona.  Ruth Hartung, otherwise know to me as Shraddhasagra, Ocean of Faith,  has been my primary teacher and inspiration within the classical traditions of yoga.  

My passion within business and the eastern arts is to teach others the pathway to living in the world with less stress and greater emotional resiliency for long-term vital energy which is often paired with long-term enjoyment of our focus.  I am a certified professional coach, facilitator, speaker, lifelong entrepreneur, and significantly trained within the realm of leading from the inside out.  I have artfully crafted my training and education to reflect my unwavering commitment to business and creating a life that we love.

My styles of yoga include:




What is Coaching?

“Coaching” is an exciting new profession designed to help you embrace your greatness and bring out the greatness in others. As personal trainers are to the physical body professional coaches are to the mind. The spectrum of Heather’s process involves expanding awareness through a combination of clarification, motivation and powerful, thought-provoking questions, defining existing systems, and creating stronger more effective pathways to success to goal accomplishment and mindfulness in daily life.  Some areas that are addressed: relationships, personal goals and projects, business success. and stronger time/energy management.

How does the coaching process work?

A professional coach knows the individual clients have all the answers to every question or challenge deep inside them, even if those answers appear to be obscured or concealed. The coach’s job is to use specific tools and techniques to empower people to find those answers within themselves. The result is a renewed connection between the head and the heart, allowing the transformation of passions and dreams into action and reality. Common coaching examples include empowering an executive to become an inspiring leader, assisting an entrepreneur to bring a new business to profitability, challenging an individual to accomplish a goal at an accelerated pace, and facilitating a person to find spiritual perspective in everyday life.

Why would someone hire a Professional Coach?

Coaches are professionally trained to guide you through examining your present circumstances, discovering what obstacles or challenges might be in your way, and creating a course of action. The idea is to bring you from where you are now to where you want to be. Coaches support and encourage without passing judgment – and without holding anything back.  Hiring a Life Coach is truly an act of empowerment. By identifying your life values and clearly defining your personal mission, you clear your mental clutter and approach life with a fresh new perspective, sense of direction and renewed enthusiasm.

What should be included?

Depending upon style and client needs, coaching sessions can range from 20 – 90 minutes.  I would recommend a coach that offers a free introductory session to go over the details and to assess the potential for a strong coach/client relationship.  The coaching/client relationship can last 1 full-day (my All-in day),  3 – 6 months or 1 – 2 years depending upon the client’s need for short or longer term direction and reinforcement.

Does Heather offer a no charge appointment to determine if the coaching relationship is both compatible and effective?

You bet I do!

Shopping for a life or business coach?

Coaching is a personal relationship and there will need to be a flow with your coach that is borderline seamless.  I would recommend interviewing several coaches to ask about their background, life experience, coaching training and coaching experience.  Ask about the details in regard to each session, the availability of follow-up (phone, email, or Skype) and what type of contract is required.

Do I bring my yoga mat to a session with you?

Well, you can bring your yoga mat or you can choose to leave it behind.  Yoga is not implemented into all my life coaching approaches.  Yoga is a wonderful attribute to the process of integrating information and implementing action and commitment however, if yoga is not requested within our contract, yoga will not be an added benefit.





 Heather Robertson offers personalized training for highly motivated individuals seeking to enhance their effectiveness whether professionally or personally.  Working one on one or in cluster training sessions she develops awareness skills that highlight performance patterns for continued achievement.  Her wholistic, solutions-based approach incorporates extensive certifications in professional coaching, yoga and facilitation which support client integration of communication and relationship skills, body / mind awareness and leadership capacity building.

Answering the 21st century executive clarion call for more workplace creativity and thinking beyond the status quo paradigm, Heather teaches techniques that nourish the physical being to reduce stress and increase clarity while fostering energy management skills to manifest impactful results.  She combines multiple ancient and contemporary modalities that incorporate her experiences as a successful entrepreneur and facilitator for non-profits, state agencies , the private sector, and individuals giving her the dynamic perspective necessary in today’s faceted world.

I work with clients on envisioning goals and creating a dynamic harmony of both inner and outer worlds, fostering what I call the 8 Pillars of Self-Cultivation.  Transformation through not only linear guidelines but also by harnessing the influence of mindfulness to engage total focus are keystones to the work I do with clients.

To keep my focus, a clear mind, and a strong body I engage in the outdoor world extensively paired with a primary commitment to my inner world. No matter the choice, it is through my impenetrable connection with business, nature, and yoga that I thrive with my work, my relationships, and my intentions.  As I see it – Every day is opportunity! People want answers and they will search far and wide.  The truth is the answers are closer than ever.” – Heather

What do I rise for?

  • Service to you – I believe in you!
  • Movement – The kind that makes us sweat and feel emotion.
  • Inspiration – The kind that raises the hair on the back of our necks. 
  • Wisdom – Wisdom that deems us speechless for at least an hour.
  • Love for retreats – Retreating to transform.
  • Interactive, hands-on work – I love to engage in my learning.
  • Great food – I love to feel the euphoria of great food and great company.
  • People actualizing their vision! 
  • People evolving into clarity with their focus to the point of love, to the point of mindfulness, to the point of total commitment.
  • I love to see people relax – Shoulders drop, jaws relax, and their light shines bright!
  • I teach yoga for awareness in choosing differently to create a life we love and impact the change we envision.


Before meeting with Heather, I had huge business dreams, goals, and aspirations, but absolutely zero direction on how to get there or where to even start. Heather helped me realize everything I needed to accomplish was within me. Heather helped me draw the map to get there. Using thought provoking, engaging exercises, this self discovery has revolutionized my business and my life. I don’t know where I would be today without my “accountability partner”.

Meg Simone

Recipient of Lucent Award for Best Picture, - IN[FOCUS] 2013
Voted one of the 25 most influential event filmmakers in the world. - Event DV Magazine, 2011



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